How it Works

There are two types of rings you can create: Broadcast Rings and Fun Rings.

Broadcast Rings

Rings of people (such as friends and family) with whom you can share Fun Rings, or send other communications (i.e. pings) through email or SMS text message.

Step 1: Create a ring, such as FOOD LOVERS
Step 2: Drag contacts into the FOOD LOVERS ring
Step 3: Share a Fun Ring with FOOD LOVERS, such as "Best Restaurants." Or simply ping the FOOD LOVERS ring with a message, such as "Hey, anyone want to go grab lunch tomorrow?"

Add contacts and send pings

Click to watch a short video on how to create a Broadcast Ring.

Fun Rings

Rings of things (such as favorite restaurants or best movies) that you can share with your Broadcast Rings or social networks.

Step 1: Add things to a Fun Ring via upload or the Ring It Bookmarklet
Step 2: Share your Fun Rings if you desire
Step 3:
Discover other Fun Rings to like and share

Ring It, Share It, Discover It

Click to watch a short video on how to create a Fun Ring.

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