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Best trophies in Sports

These trophies have character as well as meaning. These are some of my favorites from various sports. The best are (in this order)

1. The Green Jacket
2. The Stanley Cup
3. The Yellow Jersey
4. World Series Trophy
5. Heisman Trophy

  • Green Jacket Green Jacket...
  • Stanley Cup Stanley Cup...
  • Yellow Jersey Yellow Jerse...
  • World Series Trophy World Series...
  • Heisman Trophy Heisman Trop...
  • Denise Scott
  • I completely agree with the Green Jacket for winning The Masters as being the greatest prize in sport. Who would have thought such a garment could evoke such meaning.
  • Bill Brandon
  • I have heard that the Stanley Cup weighs around 30 pounds. I would love to skate around the ice holding it up.