Fun Ring

AMC Cars. Legendary!

American Motor Corp. made some of the, well, coolest looking cars on the road dare I say. I miss seeing these beauties. The Gremlin, the Pacer, the Hornet, the Rambler Classic, and the Matador. Seeing that Pacer gives me goose bumps. Reminds me of when I was just a little kid.

  • Gremlin Gremlin
  • Pacer Pacer
  • Hornet Hornet
  • Rambler Classic Rambler Clas...
  • Matador Matador
  • Brenda Luccia
  • These cars are classic! Thanks for posting this ring.
  • Denise Scott
  • My mom used to drive me to school in a Hornet looking thing. I was so embarrassed back then. But now I think these cars a totally cool.