Ring It Bookmarklet

The "Ring It" Bookmarklet makes it a breeze to create Fun Rings. As you are browsing the web, simply click on the bookmarklet to add an item to a Fun Ring.

Installation instructions
To install the bookmarklet for Chrome and Firefox, drag the "ringit" icon to your browser's bookmarks toolbar. (watch video) For Internet Explorer, right-click and select "Add to Favorites." (watch video)

Ring it

Here is an example for a "Five Fluffiest Dogs" Fun Ring.

Newfoundland Dog

Step 1: Browse the web

Let's say you are visiting your favorite pet website, and you come across an image of a fluffy dog that you would like to add to your "Five Fluffiest Dogs" Fun Ring.

Step 2: Click the Bookmarklet

When you click the Ring It Bookmarklet in your browser's toolbar, the images that are on that webpage will be displayed on your screen. Simply click on the image of the dog.

Click on the Newfoundland Dog
Select the Five Fluffiest Dogs Fun Ring

Step 3: Select the Fun Ring

After you select the image of the dog, you can then use the drop down menu to add that image to the "Five Fluffiest Dogs" ring. The name of the image will automatically be captured as well. You can edit the name, as well as add a description of the image.

Step 4: View your ring

After adding the image of the dog to your ring, you will be able to click thru and visit your newly updated "Five Fluffiest Dogs" Fun Ring. You, and others who visit that page, will be able to share and comment on your ring.

View the Five Fluffiest Dogs Fun Ring
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