About Us

Ring of Five, the world's first micro-expression platform, is an easy, free and fun way to express what you love. Founded in 2012, Ring of Five is currently funded with angel investment, and is based in San Jose, CA.

Ring of Five was developed to allow users to create small rings of content on any subject matter, such as their favorite athletes or restaurants. Not all athletes or restaurants, just the ones that you like and want to share. We call these Fun Rings.

Some popular Fun Rings include:
"Five Fluffiest Dogs"
"5 Best Athletes EVER!"
"Stunning Beaches"
"Funny Randomness"
"AMC Cars. Legendary!"

Users can easily share Fun Rings, comment and vote on Fun Rings, and browse Fun Rings to discover new interests.

Metaphorically speaking, Ring of Five has been described as "Twitter meets Pinterest."
Twitter plus Pinterest equals Ring of Five

Contact Us

We'd love to hear your feedback on how we can improve our product. Please send comments to info@ringof5.com. Learn some awesome marketing ideas here.